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Hello and welcome, I am sure you found this site in one of several ways but besides that I will be expressing my opinion about music. You may become annoyed, angered and dare I say enlighted by some of my commentary.  If you do not understand anything within the first sentence I suggest that you turn back now...
-- the mang

Time to get down to business, there are so many areas of music that I want to talk about... Well, how about what bands or artists that I like in no particular order...

Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Metallica (early), Motley Crue (early), Aerosmith (early), Type O Negative, Pantera, Judas Priest, Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, Joe Satrianai, Steve Vai, Micheal Angelo, White Zombie, Rob Zombie (early), Ozzy, Anthrax, Motorhead, Megadeth, Iced earth, Iron Maiden, Nirvana, Jimi Hendrix, Stu Hamm, Victor Wooten, Samuel Barber, Alice in Chains (R.I.P. Layne Stanley), Danzig, Misfits, Van Halen (early), W.A.S.P, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Bob Marley, Sex Pistols, Alice Cooper (early), Accept, Queen, Thin Lizzy, Blue Oyster Cult, The Ramones, Cream, Eric Clapton, Ted nugent, Janis Joplin, ZZ Top, Joan Jett, Queensyrche, and Lita Ford  hehhehe long enough isnt it...


1st thing is 1st... FIGHT CENSORSHIP OF MUSIC!!!   FIGHT THE PMRC!!!!

I do not like rap/hip-hop, pop, pop-punk (i.e. green day, Blink-182), country, boy bands, girl bands, cristian rock/metal/rap and techno. 

The reason why I do not like like rap/hip-hop,pop and techno is because they use a drum machine and a synthesizer.  Another known fact is that the majority of the time these people cant even write their own lyrics. How is that even considered talent? then we have to put up with the sexually suggestive songs like,"thong song" or the for the faint hearted, "I'll make love to you like this and that on these days." or the "I'll kill you, your mother, your father, and your dog fifi" type songs what a waste of breath. Unfortunately we are all surrounded with this crap. 

I hate pop punk because punk music has never been considered radio friendly...That is until a band called Green Day came out and exploited the living crap out of punk by signing with a major record label.  Thus contradicting their punk etiquette and making them sell outs.  Now look at all these other pop punk bands like SR-71 and Blink-182 continuing this trend of exploitation.

Country music is boring and annoying. If you listen to it very carefully you'll notice that the lead singers all sound the same. As far as I am concerned it's nothing but, "Cry in your beer" music. Granted it takes more talent to play than pop music but not much.  The lyrics are simple and dont have much in the way of complexity or description.

I hate MTV as well.  This is the lamest and utmost annoying station on TV yet millions of people tune in every day.  If you want to know how many idiots are on this planet just look at the ratings for MTV that should just about sum it up.  99.9% of all artists on MTV act like they have something to say. 

One of the most biggest jokes of all time is is this christian metal/ hard rock groups like Creed.  What the hell is happening to rock music?! Hard rock has never been about preaching the goodness in people or anything else positive. Return hard rock to the headbangers!  Not only that but it contradicts everything these sunday morning church-go'ers are against.  As far as I am concerned Creed has done more harm than good.  Now we have even more shitty bands to put up with, like nickelback and Puddle of Mudd. God help us....    (yes that last statement was added for a reason, if your smart Im sure you can figure it out.)

Now the main reason why I like metal is because it is a release of anger, stress, and other undesireable, it doesnt necessarily promote violence rather, a feeling that most everyone has felt some time in their life and it gives them a chance to let go of that feeling of despair if you will. 

One of the best and most talented form of music on the earth is classical music. The reason why I like it is because it is unique and every song you hear may have the same style but each song is quiet different.

Ok, now lets get to the nitty gritty... In this part I am going to talk about  a little bit of music and religion... more about religion... Now I have mentioned above that yes, I am a metal head and one of the biggest misunderstandings of metal is that it is satanic because they supposedly promote violence, drug use, etc.  However these artists are merely expressing a feeling they have felt like most other human beings. One thing I never really understood are these so called christians who go around telling me that I am going to hell because I do not go to church.  When someone says that to me I just laugh for a good reason...Yet they always seem to contradict themselves... Look at the current cases of sex abuse, these are only the tip of the ice berg there are so many more than most people are aware of.  One thing I do not like about these people is they are very hypocrititcal.  For example after the recent case about the statement, "Under god," in the pledge; the christians were upset even though in the constitution of the United States, it says that Church and State ARE SEPARATE.  In other words it was meant to stop people who are in control from establishing a national religion.  Since we have a lot of politicians who are crooked theifs that claim to be christians, and say the have a strong ethics and moral value, Im glad we have it.  If churches are so interested in public affairs, then make them pay their taxes!  You want to be part of your town or community then pay your taxes like everyone else and then we'll talk...  Another thing that bothers me about them is they feel that everyone on this planet should be converted to christianity... Isnt this a form of assimilation, why, yes it is.  One thing that needs to be looked at a little more carefully are these people who say they have taken christ to heart yet, they will say we should bomb them! or some other popular phrase... Wait a minute if I am correct wasnt christ supposedly CIVIL about how he treated people.  Talk about treating people in a christian manner eh?  Ok now lets talk about the cross for just a second, why in hell do people think the cross is such a holy item, shit if I was christ I wouldnt want people to idolize the thing I was crusified on. Think about it like this what if he was shot with an ak-47 would ak-47's then become holy? I cant imagine a holy ak-47.  That doesnt seem logical if you ask me.  These are just a few of the reasons why I just laugh at them when they tell me I am going to hell... Cya there!  oh btw more people have died by the cross than any other symbol on the planet!

As far as racism goes, just take a look at the banners that I have it should be queit obvious how I feel about it.

Now I am going to rant and rave about some of my favorite musicians to ever walk the earth...

Clifford Lee Burton, the second bass player of metallica was one of the most innovative musicans on the planet and set a new standard for metal bassists for the future.  His style was very unique, yeah there have been bass players who could play solos, but Cliff reinvented what it means to play a bass solo.  I unfortunately was to young to know of metallica and never got the chance to see him play, just like a lot of my musical heros.  R.I.P

Jimi Hendrix, was one of the greatest pioneers of the guitar and his albums are a sufficient amount of evidence to prove me correct.  There are those who really do not understand how talented he was and they usually say anyone who steps on a distortion pedal can sound like hendrix... Sorry but you are wrong, yes he used distortion pedals as well as an aray of other sound technology but it was how he went about composing his songs that made him so damn good. I am totally convinced that had he not died, we would have really been able to see what he was really capable of.  R.I.P

I'll finish this later.   "Hypocrisy made paramount, paranoia the law"


Pictures are curtiousy of Metalheads Against Racism, Led Zeppelin home page. The bad jokes are from "Really bad jokes"